My Food Photography Sucks!

6 Sep

I have recently been looking over some wonderful blogs in which the bloggers themselves are professional photographers. And then I looked at my photos.  Not the best.  I have never taken any type of photography lesson or class that teaches you about lighting or even basic photography tips. So I have made a vow to myself to learn more about this art form and not get discouraged by not so pleasant photos.
So keep an eye out for my future photos and let me know what I can do to improve the quality without purchasing any fancy equipment.

I will soon post up before and up to date photos to show my improvement:)

Happy Cooking!


One Response to “My Food Photography Sucks!”

  1. Frieda April 14, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    Nah, it doesn’t suck! In fact, I like your doughnut muffin photo…I have been blogging for awhile and I’m embarrassed by my earlier photo attempts! There are a lot of good tutorials out there, and here is what I’ve learned.
    1) No, you do not need expensive equipment. Many good photos are taken with a simple point and shoot.
    2) You need good lighting. Take your food outside or use day light bulb in a couple of lamps in your kitchen.
    3) Frame the photo in nice and tight, from an insect’s point of view (like your doughnut shot).
    4) Set your aperture to the highest setting. Mine only goes to a f.8 This will let in a lot of light, but will be fuzzy if you don’t use a…
    5) short tripod or stack of books to put your camera on.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Happy Baking!

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