The best lunch with my best!

2 May

Our city of Portland!So its not often that I don’t blog about food and dogs, but if includes my pups, my BFF and food, I make an exception.  It was just one of those days perfect weather, happy days in Portland.  Everyone around you is out and about, happily catching winter sun.

So my girlfriend Kate and I have been friends since the fifth grade.  We both went to school in Portland and met as pen pals.  While we were in fifth grade we wrote about hamsters, guinea pigs and school.  After a year of writing we finally met towards the end of the year when our class went to our pen pal’s school Laurelhurst Elementary to meet.  Kate has always been into sports and really good at them.  So now that I know he,r Im surprised that I kept my head after playing tether and kickball on the first day we met:)  Unlike some of my other classmates and their pals, we got along great.

After we had graduated from the fifth grade Kate and I never expected to really stay in contact.  So it was a great suprise to see her on my first day of 6th grade!  It was really awsome because the middle school that we had applied to had under 150 kids and it was it first year in action.  Our school called the “Environmental Middle School” was the first of its kind in the nation, since the days of living off the land and community schools are now almost extint.  At this school our friendship blossomed as we pulled ivy from native plants, hiked weekly and made community meals.  We loved calling our hippy teachers by their first names and taking the bus downtown to feed the homeless at The Blanchet House.

Over the years we have had so much fun together and unlike most friends, we have never had a huge blowout fight.  Our friendship is way to laid back for that.  Besides our common intrestes in art, nature and food, the one thing that keeps ourfriendship strong, is that we dont judge each other and dont set high expectations that might be broken.  It’s as simple as that.

So here we both are at 26 years old wondering what our next adventure will be…

In the meantime, we enjoyed our fish tacos and margaritas at “Por Que No” on Mississippi in Portland.  Yum:)

Fresh coconut mango margarita


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