Spicy Pickled Veggies

3 Mar

So I was at my my boyfriend’s family house for a sports get together.  While we were over there his 13 year old nephew kept getting yelled at for eating all of the yummy cauliflower out of the pickle dish.  So what did I do?  I went home and made a ton of cauliflower only jars for him:)  Problem solved!


2 tight, unblemished cauliflower heads



Coarse sea salt

1 litre white wine vinegar

5 pieces mace blades

1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds

1 teaspoon mustard seeds6 black peppercorn

4 small sun-dried red chillies or chili flakes

3 bay leaves

canning salt (for brine)

*dill (optional, I like a tiny pinch in each jar)

*Sugar (optional, but sweet and spicy is good too. 1 tablespoon in each)


  1. Cut away the green leaves from the cauliflowers. Divide each head into small florets by breaking rather than cutting them apart. Weigh them.  Cut the rest of your veggies to your preference. For every 450g, you will need to dissolve 55g canning salt in 600ml water. Wash the florets, shake dry and soak overnight in the brine.
  2. The next day, Slowly bring the vinegar to boil, then cover. Drain the florets and rinse very thoroughly in plenty of cold water. Leave to drip dry in a colander, then tightly pack in 3 sterilized 500g canning jars. Leave 2.5cm free at the top as it is vital that the florets are completely covered by the vinegar. Divide the spices and bay leaves equally between the jars.  Add your hot vinegar to jars. Make sure that the vinegar covers the vegetables by at least 1cm, as it will evaporate gradually. Do not let it come into contact with the lid. If you are using screw-top jars, only use those with plastic coated lids, metal tops can corrode.
  3. These need to be put in a cool dark place for a minimum of 1 month for the yummy flavors to come.  I like to store mine in the back of my fridge, and have been known to enjoy these after 2 weeks though:)

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